GOOD FOOD TALKS - our menus speak volumes


We are delighted to announce that all of our menus here at The Kings Arms can now easily be accessed by visually impaired people through the revolutionary Good Food Talks  web app.

The app has been founded by Matt Wadsworth, registered blind, who claims to have been poorly served by restaurants so far. He said the app makes eating out more enjoyable for visually impaired people, since they don’t have to rely on others reading a menu to them. “Everyone at the table is equal and autonomous, making dining out more dignified, more sociable, and more fun.”

The idea is that whether you are totally blind and use the text-to-speech software or simply need to invert colours or zoom to make things clearer, the app makes ordering in a restaurant much more straight-forward and gives you back independence and control over your experience.

The Good Food Talks app is free and doesn’t have to be downloaded to a phone.  By simply visiting the Good Food Talks website you can identify The Kings Arms website and then select our menus. With the accessibility settings of your smart-phone activated, the app will read the names, descriptions and prices of each dish to you.



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